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Looks like I’ll be able to debut some new hair clips at SacAnime!  Pictures hopefully in a few days :D 

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lupoobscura: I noticed you answered personal questions on here so I figured I'd give it a go~ What do YOU do when you're not satisfied with your work? Do you ever get self-conscious about it? Your voice is an art, a wonderful piece, as well as your talent in acting. Do you ever doubt yourself? What do you do to overcome these obnoxious fears?


Thanks for the compliment! Yes, always have doubts! That’s what drives me to be better! Wouldn’t want to be fear-free. Just fearless in the face of self-doubt. Those feelings are there to challenge you to be your best.


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I feel like a lot of my day goes into research…

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Stockton Con 2014 Report

SO much fun!  It was truly an awesome con with awesome people.  I made a bunch of new friends, caught up with older ones and just generally had a blast.  I do however feel that the con itself ended waaaaay too early on Sunday. There were still so many people in the arena when they announced it was closed.  It felt like it could of went for at least another hour or two.  Saturday might have even benefited from another hour as well. 

Anyway, Stockton con is a very friendly con with a big family feel to it.  Can’t wait for Stockton con 2015! 

How was your Stockton con experience?

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Outer Guardians
Sorry no Saturn in these ones ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━
Pink Guardians:  Chibi Moon and Chibi Chibi
I’ve heard people call Chibi Moon, Mini Moon.  Is that the offical translation?  So do they call Chibi Chibi, Mini Mini?
Gold and Silver Romance Collection (´▽`ʃƪ)♡